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A Year of Firsts

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I’ve recently found out that I’m totally into the DIY Home Decor, particularly because it’s a year of Firsts:

1. Samuel’s First Christmas

2. First Christmas at our own Home

3. First Christmas without being with friends neither family ... so this is my way of spreading a bit of holiday cheer and love.

These wooden beads ornaments are so easy to do and you’ll need is:

-wooden beads

-natural wooden alphabet beads

-hot glue

-wool yarn or jute twine

-dried orange slices

-cedar leaves

(All items were bought at Michaels Store).

Or simply let your creativity flow✨

Do you have any #DIY plans for this week?


Gabriela Sousa
Gabriela Sousa

I’d love to see more about it!

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