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DIY Busy Board for Toddlers

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Going through toddlerhood for the second time, I recognized that less is more, toys are not entirely necessary, and that these toddlers love to tinker! So I came up with the idea of a homemade for Samuel’s first birthday: a Busy Board. He simply loved it and it is keeping him busy.

Excellent for sensory and fine motor development, busy boards are one of the best toys for 1 year olds learning to push, pull and prise open anything in sight.

While there are many options available to purchase, creating our own was such a special experience.

As long as it’s something safe and not sharp, you can pretty much use anything.

Here are some of the items we used for Samuel’s board:

* Doorstops

* Doorchain

* Velcro

* Handles

* Switches

* Lock

* Keys

* Wheels

* Rope

* Letters

* Felt

* Spinner

* Bell

* Clothespin

* Beads

* Valve

* Plywood board 25”x25”

* power drill + screwdriver + an assortment of screws

All items were bought at Home Depot Canada, except for those I found at home.

SAFETY: Everything must be safe to touch and operate, without sharp edges or moving parts that can pinch the skin.

I’d love to hear any other DIY suggestions to keep a toddler busy mama!


Hey! Just a heads up, keys, most hardware like latches, and fidget spinners all contain extremely dangerous levels of lead. Even touching these items can transfer toxic levels of lead to your child because lead inherently creates dust. Please make sure to use only confirmed lead free items! There is a website called lead safe mama that you can go to for more information.


Samuel's online B-Day party was unforgettable: the beautiful decoration, the Cake, the boys and the parents, and on the top of it , the whole international family could sing and talk together. the one and only experience in these "strange" times. It was a big family reunion. Thanks God everybody was happy and healthy.

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